Friday, July 8, 2011

Goodbye or Ciao

Goodbye, such a small word.
It's meaning is a killer to your
soul and outside world,
it manages to break you apart
so easily that you do not feel it.
But then it turns into sad and strong
word you feel and cringe coming out
of the person you loved all
your life. Tears cascade even
stronger than a furious river,
your heart beats crazily without
listening to any reason from the
fallen world, emptying itself and
altogether just stop beating.
Never say goodbye, if you don't
have a reason worth the weight of
this word. Goodbye can cause
a very drastic tragedy in lives,
hoping it will never be my life.
Goodbye to you reader who have
taken time from your life to read
and hope to see you soon....
In a way I really like a word like
"Ciao" which you can give any
meanings you wish.
Ciao ciao until my next fantasy
comes to me to share with you.

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ROBERTO said...

Mi piace molto il tuo blog,complimenti!