Friday, June 10, 2011

Do you see....

Do you see the clear sky is singing
while the stars are sparkling on a
dark multi-colors blanket awaiting the
moon for it's beautiful dreams freely
given to mankind.
We are hearing the wind laughing
in a not too distant land.
Beautiful flowers are blooming
with dews dancing in the air and
longing for spring divesting it's
cold clocks, enjoying the gentle sun
spreading the vibrant shining drying
tears falling for heart is warmed just for me?
Do you see... nature is slowly awakening,
the spring breeze gently swaze a twig or
a leaf touching the silk light
calling for the rain to cease and
create a magic rainbow for me to
try to recreate with a box in my hands,
I did try, to no avail, my box is not
capable to recreate what spring is
bringing me freely.

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