Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A placed called paradise

On an amazing beach in the middle of
paradise I'm having a conversation,
with my soal on the places I love to be.
I see beautiful palm trees and ice blue waters
surrounding me.  Exotics birds flapping their
wings to shake away invisible predators.
I hear the constant waves rushing in and out
leaving behind their sweet melody on the sand.
I feel the wind protecting me from the world,
and the warm breeze from faraway water
caressing my body.
Palm trees are singing beautiful lullabies to put me to sleep.
while I'm still tryng to reach a falling star.
I sit here in the sand, wishing I could be here forever
building my nest deep in the sand and out of reach of
the waves.  I would stay and pray to never have to worry
about anything or oddities of the world that
awaits for me when I leave this spot in paradise.
NB: Photo was given to me to use in this blog by

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