Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today was a day to forget, nothing
seemed to go the way I wanted it to
proceed. Sure Who am I to huff and
puff! Well let me say this: "I felt
so bad for being alive, my body was
a ball of heaches and pains, my
movements were non coordinated and
my mind seemed that was either
behind my head or in front of it.
I put a slipper in the fridge,
my lundry landed in the garbage,
and I almost put fire in the kitchen.
I don't know why all these events
are happening to me lately, is it
dimentia I asked myself or something
worse. I don't dare ask the people
around me since most of them have
their own problems...
Ohhhh now I know why I'm feeling
so different today, I finally
decided to go to the dentist &
had some work done, maybe just maybe
it was that shot that he gave me to
numb my mouth, but I believe it numbed
my brain also. Well today was special
I did not murder my dentist from fear
of all his equipment, since he was
gentle, attentive and mostly he had
a great huge smile. Thanks Mr.Dentist
but count your blessing because I
usually swear and kick my dentists when I
leave their office & they in return
put a cross over my name since I'm
not welcomed anymore in their fancy

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