Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thanks Wendy Farha

Hello World!
Today at 09:30 my world still calm
no granchildren & my two children at
home are still sleeping, so I'm
trying to be very quiet even with my
computer keyboard. I just found a
very touching and moving site of a
Montrealer who is a great artist and
that I did not even know until three or
four days ago. Why I am so taken with
this person, well you guessed it, she has
cancer and I have started to follow her
ordeal, I spent a good couple of hours
reading, listening to her music, to her
adventures. What a stupendous attitude
she has toward this sickness, I just wish
one day to meet her just to be able to
give her a huge hug and say "You, me, us
we can fight this sickness, by keeping
our spirit high and hopes until they
find a definite cure for our future
generations" Thanks Wendy Farha, you are

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