Friday, October 30, 2009


A window was constantly present
between us.
No matter how far or how close
we were, a window was for ever
present and divided us.
At times the panes were dirty,
foggy or cristal clear to
discern our features, me on
one side - you on the other
side, not being able to touch,
to caress, to talk, to feel.
Now that the window as ceased
to exist, we are too exausted
to come close and we each took
our own separate route, leaving
the window at the mercy of the
wind, snow, sun and rain.
Finaly we had our turn to turn
our back on the shameless window
who divived us all our life...


Ejae said...

Nice lines! Just right on time to enlighten this weary soul of mine.. ;) Thank you always for the inspiration.

ros said...

Hi EJ, I'm glad that it might be helpful or supportive & thanks for your visit.