Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old man

Me the Old man and you
my cheesy sister moon, we come every night just after
sundown who at times still lingers over the clouds,
you from high above stealing the place of the sun
and me as a shadow basking in your rays just to see
what goes on here.
I do not like what I see, my rivers are dirty and the
fishes dies without measures, the trees do not produce
that sweet sap that I used sweeten my tooth anymore
and my sister the moon is not visible and sharp like
I used to see it during my youth. What have they done to mother
earth that she cries uncontrollably and so loud!
I the old man just as you do moon we can only try
to make ourselves visible and hope for the understanding
of these poor mortals, I make you a promise moon,
that I will come to the appointment every night and hope
that we shall be visible just to remind these souls that
mother nature needs their help and ours also....

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