Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shadows of the night

A sensation coupled with a heiry silence giving goose bumps attacked my soul and makes you turn, not only your head but your eyes as well in search of that feeling. A feint shadow alongated towards your side refuses to disappear behind those dark houses, corner streets or hide behind an old dilapidated stone wall, just like old sentinels standing on guard and that you are not sure if their presence is there to safeguard you or attack you. Long faceless shadows in the distant seem to follow your every steps in the nothingness. A dark and lazy cat jumps out of nowhere to suddenly stretch and show you his braveness only because he's assured that you can only see his green/golden eyes follow you through the narrow streets and asking your unconditional attention. Night after night, the birds make sure that they are soundly sleeping, the sun has retreated for another corner of the planet, then and only then the shadows run around, hides, disappears, reappears it has no shape and no features, scares the old cats and just keep following the silence in the night in search of his twin shadow that keeps eluding him .......

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