Friday, May 1, 2009

Perfect Dream

I demanded a perfect dream of my life with the body
given to me countless moons ago. Today, do I regret
decisions taken willingly or forced on me, I do not
posses answers since I can't seem to establish the
purpose of my being here in this tightly closed bubble
where no lights filtrate but only sounds & hammers
keep banging so loud that it robs my taught's, my
serenity, treasured dreams closely filed in a section
of my natural computer are now so disorganized I do
not recognize section of jumble sounds mixed with
strange characters, what's their meaning, why it
looks alien with no translation available, was I
good or was I bad that I am punished in such a way
as to not recognize myself.

Please close that box of oddities and let me go back to
dreams made in my youth that I will never see or
posses again.

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