Thursday, May 14, 2009

Domani - Tomorrow

Domani - tomorrow what can I feel tomorrow that I have not felt since I appeared in this world. Tomorrow I will find that rose laying in the green grass of home and not in your hands.
Tomorrow is the day that moons ago I made an appearance on the shores of a green island, where I flirted with you without shame and taking the lead in proposing you ideas, that put red in my cheeks. I could not stop, asking to be dined on the beach, making me dance until I could not hold on my legs anymore and your arms had to squeeze me tighter to your chest. A strange drum was sounding under my ears, your breath was sweet and soft bewitching me to keep you so tight under a cloud of shining stars and a pale moon, crickets were singing for us, waves crashed on our feet's and a crab tried to nibble on our toes breaking
the silence at your laughs and twirling me around to appease and stop my screams of surprise, placing a feather kiss on the corner of your lips trying to catch your soul without success, you would not let me, insisting that there was plenty of time ahead of us.
Reaching I don't know where a rose left behind to be sold tomorrow by the Rose lady, you took it
and gently placed in the the valley between my breasts and so slowly and gently you made it go up, up, up rubbing it on my half opened lips once, twice, three times, you deep brown eyes kept a tight contact with my green ones so mesmerized that I did not feel that the rose had your essence and the taste of your lips on it, my eyes asking silently for something much more, a lot more all of sudden a strange gust of winds took the rose and you from my arms and my sight, leaving me there alone, desperate and ever since I find a red rose on my green grass of home but not my mysterious deep brown eyed man was a figmentation of my desires or just a fantasy during one of my wide awake dream .....

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