Monday, May 18, 2009

Passing of time

it's something that reaches all of  Us in it's due course and we fortunately
Have no choice but to accept it. The best .
And costly solution to not aging can't be bought. Nature takes care of us and decides how long we are the possessors of our lives and destiny. What a relieve that is, otherwise everyone would pay to acquire eternity and youth, Today in a park a frail lady still wrapped in her winter coat to chase away a chilling wind was sitting beside a faded flower, writing, stopping, writing again,wanting to know why there were only 3 or 4 words for the last 5 minutes, debating to ask for details, she suddenly lifted light and faded blue eyes, looked straight in my camera her lips slowly so slowly said "Life never promised me a red rose until today" looking straight at the red rose sticking out of my bag a gift just received
From my granddaughter, without turning or thinking twice, took the rose and gently placed it on her paper.
This is my gift to you old lady and hope you enjoy the rose for quite a while still
And slowly I just waked away .....

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