Thursday, May 14, 2009

88 candles

Who said that I could not count to 88!
The trouble is that there was no cake
big enough to hold them, sure there was
the fake cake at the grocery store, but
believe me "I want a real cake" made by
daughter in our home kitchen, so that I can
smell the pastry, stir the cream, lick my
fingers after cleaning the bowl and decide what
I want on it, "please no flowers"
I'm not death yet, I want a "ritrato - picture"
of a nice young man who has a wink in an eye
and a great smile, as for the music let the
maestro play a beautiful waltz and have the
firemen ready at the door just in case I don't
have enough breath to make a wish and blow on
all 88 candles, but please do not ask me what
my wish is, it's none of your business....

These are the words that a gentle Mrs.Goeffa who
on May 15th, 2009 will celebrate a birthday would
say "my previous birthdays I don't remember them,
my future birthdays are still a long way to
come, but tomorrow I will remember it for the
hole day".
Ciao Ciao and hurry up to finish my cake.
Happy Birthday Mrs.Goeffa.

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