Saturday, September 12, 2015

Like a bird...

Like a bird, I have grown wings.
Human wings that is.
I'm sitting in the belly of a
flying bird.  Around me so many
types of people dressed in all
attires unknown to my eyes.
Colorful they were that's for sure.
There are big people, small people,
medium people of all ages all
speaking the same language in different
words.Once in a while a faint noise reached
me and disturbed my concentration on
what subject I have no idea.
Why do they not stop wailing. I need to
listen to the various instructions, just in case
they say to face eventualities not programmed
in the flight. O.K. silence, the genius in
charge is giving out the generic speech of
welcome aboard.
"Seat belts, luggage under seat, put your seat
upright, buckle up.  The young lady does her
check round and just leaves...."
Now the bird shakes it's wings and starts to
move so slowly one has to pay attention to
see it move. Gathering speed, sputtering noise,
gaining more speed and see the head of the
bird pointing upward & go up, up, up....
A weird feeling that has settled in the pit
of my stomach is starting to complain and the ears
are invaded by the stringent sound of this metallic
bird. I open my eyes and see a mountain of
white fluffy clouds all around me, Why do I compete
with these clouds, where will they bring me, no sorry,
where will they bring this bird and how long will
it be possible to resist the temptation of just
stopping on one of these clouds and continue
the crazy adventure.

NB: Sto ritrovando un senso alla vita per scrivere
sentimenti ancora a me sconosciuti.   Questo brano
sara postato in Italiano fra un po di giorni.
Grazie a tutti per la vostra comprensione.

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