Monday, September 28, 2009

New fish brand

What do I feel, I don't know
and frankly I could not care more
than that. Like this poor fish
that I found perched on top of
house in my city, I too feel
out-of-place and out-of-joint
these days. Nothing seems to be going
as it should, but who am I to complain
sure my faith is better than this
poor fish here. Even so I am not happy
in my unhapiness, I don't know what
I really want, what I am looking for,
what I would love to do, at times I
feel like crying, other times I feel
like just up and go and don't stop
until I ran out of steam, but then
I know my feel, my body, my mind and
my guts are too tired to even cross
the street, so who am I kidding!!!
no one other than myself.


Wildspirit said...

We worldly inhabitants, with all the news of gloom and doom, react with the feeling of despair and helplessness. When we try to 'fix' things by writing our government, it does no good. We're all just little fish in a big aquariam, wondering who is controlling us, making our lives miserable when we used to be happy.

ros said...

Hi Jim you are absolutely right, in a way that's the message I wanted to show my publishing this poor fish... Thanks for your visit my friend.