Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turmoil ...

I feel rage in me,
That boiling sensation that
Nothing seems to simmer it down,
How can a human being stay calm
And reason when the flesh of
Her flesh, the blood of her
Blood, her image and younger
Version will undergo a major
Health condition without
Knowing the outcome.
I personally can't vent
Nothing to the outside world,
The storm brewing in me is
Getting our control and can't
Be shown otherwise the world
Will say that I am not a good
Person for not having faith,
but do I really care of what
the others will say and think.
I'm trying to grab an end of
A cloud and asking to be
Carried out of this brewing
State of body and mind, the
Mind is transforming itself
Saying to keep calm, to reason
My feelings and stay on top
Of these events that are behind
My reach and control, just like
I can't command the dark light
To stop and let shining rays come
Trough to me, who is going will be
Stronger, the storm or me....

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