Saturday, June 20, 2009

Continuare a sperare _ Continous Hope

A shadow, an illusion of a sight,
Who is that figure hiding herself
Behind those huge dark glasses,
a wisp of gray hair showing
from her tight black scarf,
unfortunately no one knew.
Why a stoney face had tears
flowing silently down her cheeks
making it clear to the world
that they were deepening those
criss crossing frown lines,
who are now so deep
that nothing can erase them.
Even on this issue unfortunately no one knew.
Straight back, a thorn handkerchief in
Her hands dabbing at flowing tears
that did not stop. No other emotions
were visible from behind those
dark glasses and anyone who tried to
approach her, she would bow her head down,
silently asking them to respect her pain
at least here in the house of the highest
Above. Please take care of the people
that are dear to me and protect them,
by giving them "Health and Love".

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