Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unborn child

Hi there my friend this morning
seeing this little toy I realized
that my friend's pregnancy is almost
over, e si sei quasi arrivata alla fine
della tua gravidanca.
I can see you walking around and whispering
to your unborn child.
What a sensation to realize that the
Feathering movements that you are feeling
Every single minutes are finally reaching
To the point where your breaths are mixed
With the one of your baby, your blood became
his you are his nourishing point. I know that
You converse with the baby & you say
All your hopes and expectations, the joys
and the hardships ahead of you and him.
But you have not met yet, sure you saw the baby
Through photos, heard his monitored hart beat
Tried to count his toes and fingers, even
Tried to imagine the colors of it's eyes
And shape of the mouth, but to no avail
It is not the same as the moment that it will
Be placed in your arms and at that moment
Your body ceases to be his, your pain and your
tears of joy flowing down your cheeks are immensely
worth it,and you will wish him all the best
in the first steps of his adventurous life.
Take care my little friend and for another
Week just keep talking, walking, breathing
For your baby Alessandro.
Ciao Baby be good to your mother and remember
You only have one mother in this life.


Jim Pankey said...

Stirring advice you gave your friend. She must indeed be special to receive it. Good luck to her and Alessandro.


ros said...

Thanks Jim, yes she is very but very special.

ros said...

Jim finally she gave birth 3 days ago. I'm happy all went well since she (my friend) was a high risk delivery.