Sunday, August 22, 2010

Midnight Train

I's not midnight yet, the sky is preparing itself to welcome a breath of fresh air, it's changing colors are so soft and bright that no onlooker wants to leave before darkness comes down.  A gentle whistling in the faraway could be heard, but the eyes see nothing.  There's a trepidation in the air, broken unexpectedly for a few seconds by the passing snake of the night. No one dares to argue with him or be on in passage, but all love to watch him speed by.  Children dream of being it's conductor and old people cry of their lost dreams that flew away without being able to stop them.  A daring young man in his late teens tries to catch each of these snakes who caught his heart and soul continuing along to marvel his eyes and lenses of his camera.  His love is immense and tries to name them and show them to the outside world from his native land.  Thank you  Luca and keep up the excellent work.

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