Friday, July 2, 2010

Travelling on the slow train

"I would take a slow train from this station, to explore the country were the train would bring me, I am in no rush with a slow train, you meet people of all scale of society and at times you even make friends" that's what slow trains are for & I will leave the fast trains to those brainless people who do not know what life is"..I can't but just enjoy a passeggiata (outing) through the country of my dreams, listen to the commotion of animals who are taken by surprise by an odd train passing by, the birds who find this new toy not appetizing, or the old man or woman who are blinded by the sun hitting the sides of the train, but I do not care, it is my time to enjoy a slow pace, and I will enjoy it as I see it fit. Let not the odd people talk evil of these machines that go through old galleries, fields and fields of dried grass, leaving a small trail of noise or fumes over the dormant river or reflecting itself in the crystal water of the forgotten lake deep in the valley. That is life, that is pure joy for those who know beauty when it comes their way.
NB: Thanks to Luca Orga for this shot

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