Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alone in Venice

Alone for millenium of days under the clouds
of the most beautiful floating city,
Oh my Venice what have you done to me!
You have put a cast on my heart and soul,
I roam the channels looking, searching,
up a small bridge or down and around
Piazza San Marco full of birds who do not
care for me, they approach my presence on
an ungry day otherwise they roam the sky
and snatch a fish to the lagune and laugh
at my despiration visible to the naked
eyes. No mandolin's melanconic serenade or
the joyous accordion's note can alleviate
the misery that I feel in my chest where
my heart used to be. How dare you
stealing it, how dare you not give it
back to me. You promised me the moon in
the sky and the warmth of the sun.
The stars were going to be our friends and
shine for us in the darkest alleys by
us used to hide and steal a kiss. How
dare you leaving me to such a misery.
How dare you hopping on a cloud and left
me behind, Oh dear heart go get her back
and show her the way back to you and me,
I don't believe I will last very much
longer without both of you in this city
made for lovers that once we were.....

PS: photo is a montage the heart is mine
and the man is from Venitian friend Marco.

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