Saturday, January 2, 2010

Which is your mask

When I loose my mask the real me emerges.
I feel naked & subdued, vulnerable and sad.
On certain occasions not having my mask
covering my eyes, I truly am miserable to the
world, at other occasions I can sing and dance
knowing that people see me as I feel towards
the world. A mask is a second life, a life
of hiding, a life of misunderstanding, or a
life that has no meaning. If you stop and
analyse when a child comes in this world,
it does not posses an apparent mask,
but as soon as he feels the world he changes
attitudes, he smiles when he feels warmth,
he cries when he is insecure,
he rages when lacking attention, barf when
he feels fingers on his body, so which is
your mask?


Ejae said...

Bravo! I can relate with this composition... ;p hehe Take care, Ros!

ros said...

Hi EJ I'm glad you can relate to this, at least it's something we have in common.
How is your photos adventure going?
Ciao & be good,