Thursday, December 24, 2009

The night a joyful silence fell

I had a very pleasant Christmas eve,
with my children, husband and my dad
now that some have gone to bed,
others to church and I just stayed
behind to clean-up and take a short
walk so that I could wait for the
big day of the year, CHRISTMAS.
I have no choice but to wear booths,
scarf,a warm coat and a hat, so
I just started walking, walking and more
walking. The streets were so well lit
by decorations, bouncy snowmen full
of lights, windows where you could see
people inside talking & laughing and
a little glass of something in their hands.
My feet kept going not wanting to stop
to explore the streets, homes, windows,
a dog that enjoyed like me a little
exercise in the local park wondering
why it was so quiet and all his friends
were not there to play with him. The
beauty of this walk was the silence in
the alleys & streets, a silence so
intense that you could hear a snowflake
fall or the humming of the street lamps.
I did not rush back home, I just wanted
to feel the fresh air, the thousands colors
adorning homes and a prayer that just
kept assailing me. Nothing fancy for a
prayer, I just prayed for my children to be
well, for my neighbor children to be healthy
and for the world to have peace, then and
only then my feet brought me back home
to the sound of the bells reminding me
of a special birth that took place a long
long time ago, bells that kept announcing
Christmas to the world ....

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