Saturday, December 12, 2009

I saw it

It was a shabby day, cold, gray,
dirty snow from the previous day,
children of all ages stamping their
feet on the sidewalks, older
people hardly standing, keeping
their coats tight around their
frail body to stop the wind,
only their eyes showing with
a few tears from the cold slinding
their rugged faces, the musicians
could not find the proper musical
note to start their instruments,
once in a while a car horne could
be heard in the distance, a fire
truck running not far from a crowd
formed way ahead of time just to
wait, wait and more waiting, when
screams, a police escort, people
chanting and cheering, some wistles
in the cacaphony of the moment to
salute a young man carrying the
magic moment that we all waited for.
The Olympic Flame just passed
like a dream knowing full well that
it would be the only occasion for
many to the the unique moment to
see it go by ..... It was worth it
to the fullest that 2 hours wait for
a minute viewing of the flame.


Ejae said...

wow! perfect timing! ;) enjoy the season, my friend! have a happy holidays soon! cheers! ;)

ros said...

EJ you are a true follower and I thank you. I too wish you the best for the next holidays, may all your dreams and wishes be granted to you.