Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I had a dream

I had a dream for the longest
A dream that does not want
to leave me. It just appears when
I least expect it. I dream of
a place where peace will prevail,
where no suffering will attack
flesh and blood and no hunger will
be present in bellies. A dream
where all my brothers and sisters
will just hold hand and help one
another. Will I ever see this
dream of mine come true or is it
just another dream of mine, like
countless people did before me. I
gave my life for such a dream, my
children will never know what they
missed. In my dream I can see a
little hand placing a flower on
my name, a candle that blows in
early evening winds. I hear the cries
of my friends and enemies, who had
the very same dream that accompanied
me where no one can see me, but
where I can see all those who dream
of another life, just like I did at
a tender age, countless moons ago...
Who will fullfil my dream!

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