Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank you my mountain friends

I was standing at the crossroad of
sanity and depression at the end
of spring. Tragedies, sickness and
accidents, parties and weddings were
not missing either, but to me they
were all contributors to a strange
state of mind that plagued my existence
since the start of 2009. My eyes did
not want to see, my ears were deaf to
all encouragements and well wishes, but
they sounded false, with no meaning, just
words said in the wind, to ease their conscience,
what a world of humans we have become,
where someone's pain is our joy, their
fall makes us feel taller, in the end
justice, is what you make of it,
standing in front of your mirror,
your soal is there to open your eyes and screams
to pick yourself up and continue life.
With my camera on my shoulder, an old pair
of shoes on my feet, I beat the asphalt and
cement back & forth from one hospital to
another, from one doctor to another, but
my best and effective medicine was right
under my eyes ..... my friends at an
observation point on the mountain of my
city, who with their silence, warm handshakes,
words of encouragement and support captivated
my brainwaves to continue going forward, sure
bad days, sunny days, rainy days, freezing
days are ahead but at least I have my
photographer friends at the mountain who
are always there, should I have those dark
feelings assailing me again.

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