Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am lost

Hello I am the little wood doll,
I truly believed that I could run
away from those who loved me, yes
I ran away, chasing a dream,
running after fluffy clouds,
chasing the colored butterflies,
I am a smart girl, so I can live
all by myself, I do not need anyone's
help, so I just left home.
Now it's getting darker, the sun
is going down, I am almost lost
in the big tall grass dancing to the
tune of the wind, my stomack is
starting to cry for food, but I have
nothing, not even a nut, Mr.squirel
does not want to share with me, hooo
what am I going to do now!
I miss my mummy and daddy and all my
little brothers and sisters, but
mostly I am afraid of the big bad wolf
that might be or is already around
the corner of this field of grass.
I will run back home and never think
of leaving home ever again or so I
hope, what can really happen to a
wood doll???

the wood doll

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