Monday, September 28, 2009

New fish brand

What do I feel, I don't know
and frankly I could not care more
than that. Like this poor fish
that I found perched on top of
house in my city, I too feel
out-of-place and out-of-joint
these days. Nothing seems to be going
as it should, but who am I to complain
sure my faith is better than this
poor fish here. Even so I am not happy
in my unhapiness, I don't know what
I really want, what I am looking for,
what I would love to do, at times I
feel like crying, other times I feel
like just up and go and don't stop
until I ran out of steam, but then
I know my feel, my body, my mind and
my guts are too tired to even cross
the street, so who am I kidding!!!
no one other than myself.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Early evening friend

Haaa to be free and enjoy an
early evening swimming in the
cristal clear water, gently
moving and silently admiring
the moon over me that is
casting her gentle rays to show
me the way around. I am fearless
tonight, no humans are around,
no bugs and no dogs chasing
me even in the water, haaaa
to be free and no worries
of babies and mr.swan, only
me and the moon enjoying all
this pleasant time alone and
just wish that photographer
would leave and let me enjoy
my night out...

Friday, September 25, 2009

La Notte

tu che piombi buia e silenziosa
per portar via un mondo turbato,
lasci che godo del mio ultimo pensiero,
tu che puoi fermare il sole giallo
del mattino, non presentarti
cosi in fretta ai miei occhi,
pazienta ancora un attimo,
prima d'apparire e rubate i miei
sogni ancora non finiti,
ascolti ciò che ti chiedo,
stenta ad arrivare,
per lasciarmi sola ad osservare
la notte più bella e sconsolata,
mentre il manto tuo scuro, fievole s'appoggia.
Ascoltami ancora un po, prendi il tuo
tempo, proprio questa notte voglio far
parlare tutti quei sentimenti rinchiusi in me
e che osa buttargli via...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secundas ustedes la vida es cosa?

La vida de una persona non se pue
justificar a veces. Cuando cree
che todos vas por le mejor, eco
che se presenta cosas che no vuele
ver o escuchar. La vida hoy
es mas difícil para todos, non
importa che es un niño, un padres,
una abuela, etc etc...
cuando la enfermedad se ponen in
una familia todo vas mal e ningún
pues remediar ad eso.

Hace de su vida el mejor che tu crees
e ave una vida cada día, porche
no sé se mañana va a ver el sol...

PS:A l'autore di questa foto se mi puoi
scrivermi, mettero il tuo nome come
autore della foto,grazie.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Incognito non si deve
diventare, tante dietro a quella maschera
si sa sempre l'indossatore e si può
indovinare le sue lacrime e le sue gioie.
Incognito si diventa con il trascorso del
tempo. Si ritrova nei ultimi istanti della
vita tutto ciò che non abbiamo fatto vedere
al mondo...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Young Lady

Non so quello che cerco
Una vita, la mia gioventù
che mi sfugge, vorrei fermarla,
guardare in un specchio e
dire "ma questa non sono IO".
Mio volto dimostra rughe che
s'infiltrano sulla mia pella.
Le mie mane tremano, capelli
senza vita, occhi no brillano
più, Le mie labbra che non
riescano più a superare il
dibattito con l'eta.
Mio cervello e sempre li, che
funziona e MI dice, no guardarti
altrimenti te NE pentirai
ma IO vedo la Young Lady di
tempi fa......

Autumn is here...

It seemed like yesterday that
I was dancing in the school yard.
A huge smile on my face,
tears in my eyes for not seeing
some friends at the beginning of
the new school year. Laughters,
and plans, phone numbers
exchanged and off we went to
enjoy a summer vacation. Little
did we know that it would be a
rainy, cold summer, activities were
limited, the pool was always
deserted, phone calls were of
short duration, but finally
the sun came out, the pool was
crowded and old & new school
friends came around. Now that
summer is over, I see and miss
those days of sweet doing nothing.
I will make plans for next summer
and let time decide what it has in
store for me & my friends...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Mezzo ad un bosco, quando
il giorno ancora no si vede,
una nebbia che inizia a
dispersarsi, gli occhi vedano
un aquilone.
Vola, vola aquilone, senti
il vento infiltrarsi sotto
il tuo petto e correre tra le
tue piume, i tuoi occhi
scrutano il bosco per il tuo
cibo, e i tuoi sensi sono
in allarma costante per i tuoi
Vola, vola aquilone e porta
il cibo ai tuoi piccoli
aquilone che ti aspettano
gridano la lor fame.
Vola, vola aquilone io no
posso essere il tuo premio
perche ti farei male ed i tuoi
piccoli no me lo perdonerebbe

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank you my mountain friends

I was standing at the crossroad of
sanity and depression at the end
of spring. Tragedies, sickness and
accidents, parties and weddings were
not missing either, but to me they
were all contributors to a strange
state of mind that plagued my existence
since the start of 2009. My eyes did
not want to see, my ears were deaf to
all encouragements and well wishes, but
they sounded false, with no meaning, just
words said in the wind, to ease their conscience,
what a world of humans we have become,
where someone's pain is our joy, their
fall makes us feel taller, in the end
justice, is what you make of it,
standing in front of your mirror,
your soal is there to open your eyes and screams
to pick yourself up and continue life.
With my camera on my shoulder, an old pair
of shoes on my feet, I beat the asphalt and
cement back & forth from one hospital to
another, from one doctor to another, but
my best and effective medicine was right
under my eyes ..... my friends at an
observation point on the mountain of my
city, who with their silence, warm handshakes,
words of encouragement and support captivated
my brainwaves to continue going forward, sure
bad days, sunny days, rainy days, freezing
days are ahead but at least I have my
photographer friends at the mountain who
are always there, should I have those dark
feelings assailing me again.

A child treasure

A simple object to the eyes of a grown up,
is a treasure for the eyes and the hands
of a child, let's leave them this pleasure
as long as they still believe in treasures.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wood doll back home & safe

Helllloooooooo this is me again
Wood Doll after an awfull experience
through tall grasses and full of
wolves around my area and I am
reporting that I am back home safe and
sound and I promise never to leave
home and the people that love me
ever again, scouts honor.
Signed: Wood Doll

Golden Grass of Home

My special "Golden Grass of Home"
full of life and light standing tall
on a small hill but not appreciated by
the passers-by. It is a delight
to just hide in that tall grass
and listen to the wistling wind,call
the last rays of infiltrating sun to
come and burn the grass that will
finally warm me up.
Hurraaaa for mother nature and this
beautiful spectacle that she gives me
every single evening with a warm and
bright sundown and a bouquet of
dancing green grass swinging to the
mood of a capricious wind mixed to the
strindent chattering of my little
bird friends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am lost

Hello I am the little wood doll,
I truly believed that I could run
away from those who loved me, yes
I ran away, chasing a dream,
running after fluffy clouds,
chasing the colored butterflies,
I am a smart girl, so I can live
all by myself, I do not need anyone's
help, so I just left home.
Now it's getting darker, the sun
is going down, I am almost lost
in the big tall grass dancing to the
tune of the wind, my stomack is
starting to cry for food, but I have
nothing, not even a nut, Mr.squirel
does not want to share with me, hooo
what am I going to do now!
I miss my mummy and daddy and all my
little brothers and sisters, but
mostly I am afraid of the big bad wolf
that might be or is already around
the corner of this field of grass.
I will run back home and never think
of leaving home ever again or so I
hope, what can really happen to a
wood doll???

the wood doll

Una notte

Ciao notte, e si eccomi qui
sono venuta ancora una volta
a salutarti e dirti che sei
stupenda con il tuo vestito
notturno. Sai fare
scelte privilegiate con il tuo
modo di fare. Rivesti i più
bei colori a tua disposizione,
come vorrei avere la tua
accettazione nel presentarti
cosi come la regina della notte
dopo aver baciato la bionda giornata.
Una notte, piene di speranze e di
stelle, che corrono per il ormai
buio cielo lasciando sospiri e sogni a
chi ti guarda e ti saluta, dai ti saluto
notte e ci risentiremo domani
notte, a la stessa ora ad il stesso