Sunday, August 30, 2009

Un omaggio a Mr.Volare Domenico Modugno

One of the most famous singer of his
generation (1950's up to his death on August 6th,1994)
and best known for his song "Volare".
But my favorite is one called
"Il maestro di violino"
(The violin teacher).
Where the student is a young girl taking
lessons of violin with an older male teacher.
The teacher can't admit to himself that he
fell in love with the young girl 30 years his
junior. The student in a very soft voice at the
end of a lesson tells the teacher that she will
not come back for future lessons because she fell in
love with him .....
If you have a chance do not hesitate to listen
to this great artist, he sings in 25 different
Thank you

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