Sunday, August 30, 2009


In my tiredness I did not expect you,
my red eyes itching and my fingers numb
refused to move on my keyboard without
any more letters & symbols visible. My
company was the tic tac of the grandfather
clock which hypnotized my concentration
and as such I dont't remember when I saw
you enter noiselessly.
Even before you made your presence known
my blood had turned into ice, after
our greetings ritual, I knew nothing
good was going to come out of your mouth
and realized that my suspicions, anguishes,
multiple fears were founded and they hurt,
lord did they hurt more than a lighting strike.
I was not ready to talk, that pleading woman language,
my words were clinical, they were not researched
and slowly you faded in the past,the
musical tic tac sounds melodiously to my ears & to my
tired body continued their more faithful tic tac than
you would have been to me...

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