Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you Dawn

Between four colorless walls, with two windows
Revealing a thick smug, pierced by a faint ray
Of sun on a late summer day, strong pungent
Odors attacking my stomach and my mind would
And could not stop straining at each breath of
Life without minding the pain, drugness,
Screaming from the young body laying in one
Of those 4 walls. My restless feet carried me
Up and down a brightly lit corridor, looking
Straight ahead making no eye contact for fear of
Seeing their fear. A young woman emerged from
A room with a mop of bouncing curly red hair,
Smiled just a pure and genuinely fresh smile
Commanding my mind to go to her and grab that
Energy that was visible to the naked eye. How
Can two complete strangers bound so fast is
Behind comprehension. Calmly and securely
She took me in her arms absorbing my tears,
My fears and sorrows. Instantly we took to each
Other hands. She reciting words of praise,
Thanks, releasing & gifting me with her inner
Spiritual energy, we embraced tightly and
Exchanged good health wishes. I surely
Hope to meet her again in happier time and
Occasions and return that energy that she
So freely game me.
Thank you and may you live a long life
To receive what you planted in my life

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