Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I dared to dream

I dreamed to be a grant lady in my lifetime,
Putting my hopes, joys and prayers wrapped in
a sweet dream. Oh yes I really dreamed to be
someone whom my children would look upon and
they too would dream. What a sweet taught to
be able to dream of a new life, a life full of
love, where no color and no race would deter
me from the dream that I had since the day that
I opened my eyes to the world, a world that did
not dear to dream, for fear of dreadful happenings.
Now I dream in silence and to myself since life
is a dream crasher and humans have stopped to dream,
so today I went fishing with a dream of catching
the hugest fish in the lake, but even they ran away
to a much younger fisherman, as if they could
see the young man who was so handsome that
Neptune would have been very jealous of him,
so I believe I will keep on dreaming until I
catch a whale, leaving the young ones dreaming too
just as I am dreaming now...

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