Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

In two days it will be your birthday,
deep down I pray and hope that you will
remember that less than 24 hours later
there is another person who she too will
celebrate a birthday. How can destiny be
so cruel as to put two people together for
many years, one in the old continent and
the other in the new continent. Met by
pure luck on the now famous and world wide
known box called computer, spent five years
talking, writing, laughing, crying, singing
we never paid attention to the days or nights
we were happy, we have made 1001 promises to
each others and then one day after five long
years a bomb exploded in my computer, you
were getting married ... but not to me but
to your childhood friend asking me to
understand and keep being your friend.
Sorry it was more than I could take so
after that october 25th, I slowly distanced
myself from you, swering that I would not
think of you. But on the 12th of june
it is your birthday and that I have not yet
managed to forget even after 5 long years
and I don't believe that I will manage to
forget since my birthday is the day after
yours, how can I forget...

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