Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An angel

I see through a window a figure hiding
behind those dirty old curtains.
I see sadness and madness in a pool of
blue eyes. I see the translucence of the skin
glowing even through all that dirt, but
what I don't see is a huge smile that should
adorn the little face. No movements
are perceptible, no change of expression
or for that matter not even a fumes of little
breath to tell me if it was real or just a plastic
human. Wishing to see what was inside that
small head and yelling so loud that eventually
it should give signs of life, no reactions so
I placed my flowers at the foot of the door
and left never looking back to see if I had
awaken a human or if it was only a figment
of my overactive imagination, upon another
visit to the cabin my astonishment was so
great that I looked around and around to ascertain
myself that I was looking at the same structure
that I remembered that day, today the glowing
was like a new shinning penny and an angel
was there to blow me a kiss with my flowers
held tight in her small gentle hands....

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